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Welcome to Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, LLC

1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss in at least one ear.  This is 48 million people and far exceeds previous hearing care industry estimates of approximately 25 million! Dr. Jayna Williams-Neuman wants to empower every individual who seeks her help to communicate freely, interact naturally & participate actively!  Most hearing loss occurs gradually - often the person with the hearing loss doesn't notice it, but those around them do. Recognizing a hearing loss in yourself or someone you know is the first step in improving a hearing deficit.

Please email or call Dr. Williams-Neuman at 734-1866, advancedaudiology@hotmail.com, to schedule your free hearing screening and Demonstration of the new Alta Pro hearing system with the new Streamer Pro, with wireless and hands-free capabilities. Ask how the hands-free cell phone law applies to you!

Please read Dr. Jayna's Interview from August!


Here are some common hearing loss symptoms:

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves.
  • Hearing people speak but having difficulty understanding the words.
  • Turning up the television or radio louder because of difficulty hearing, or understanding.
  • Avoiding social situations because of hearing problems.
  • Difficulty hearing on the phone, or in groups.
  • A feeling of fatigue or stress from concentrating during conversations.
  • Misunderstanding phone numbers, directions, or names.

Everyone has difficulty hearing occasionally, but if you answered "yes" to many of these questions you may need a comprehensive evaluation. Contrary to past opinions, most hearing losses can be helped with hearing aids.

Hearing loss is a lifetime condition, and Dr. Williams-Neuman cares about the on-going needs of her patients. She believes patient education is critical to a succesful outcome and is dedicated to providing individualized hearing rehabilitation to all populations of the hearing impaired.

"Creating Life Changing Moments in the lives of her Patients"